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Did you know 4.0?

August 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Q: How has social networking changed the way we do things?

A: It’s changed the way we chat with people. For one thing, on Facebook you can sit in your room and chat and keep in touch with all your friends. We use to either send letters or have to actually meet in person to talk to our friends and get to know whats going on, but like I said it could take seconds on Facebook.

Q: How have cell phones changed the way we do things?

A: Well just like social networking, we don’t have to be close or even face to face with the person and we can take our phones anywhere. It’s pretty crazy if you think about it. Just a few years ago we had cellphones the size of bricks but now they can fit in our pockets.

Q: How can social networking be used to promote a business? Be specific.

A: Well first there are millions of people that use Facebook and Myspace everyday. That alone will attract many businesses, but Facebook and Myspace also make it easy to advertise. For example, I spent $10 just for fun and within a month I got 30000 fans on my fan page.

Q: How can Twitter be used to make a company more profitable?

A: Well just like Facebook and Myspace, Twitter is easy to use, a ton of people use it daily and it is easy and free to advertise through these things called tweets which are much like Facebooks posts. All businesses have to do is post their Twitter name on their website or somewhere and tweet their advertisements to their followers.

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